Mauritius November 2017 – oh my goodness!


Mauritius November 2017 – oh my goodness!

One of my missions over the past few decades has been to quash the notion amongst committed windsurfers – and especially those coming on my courses – that windsurfing can only be fun when the wind is blowing dogs off chains.
Especially on wave courses I’ve stressed that you learn nothing about waves and tactics and the techniques of riding when it’s howling, because all you’re doing is hanging on and getting blown around.
And on general skills courses, it’s on the marginal days on a floaty board that you finally get to work out what’s going wrong with you’re darned rig change, or which limb should move when in the tack …
But having said that … In Mauritius this year we had 9 out of 10 days of proper wind – and it was bloody brilliant!
But the good thing was that it was sensible wind . On days 4 and 5 some were down on 4.2s but most of the time it was a perfect 20-25 knots.

But it was still amusing to watch the team struggle with the ‘careful what you wish for’ situation.
After 5 days on the bounce no one dared express it but everyone was screaming out for a break.
They had pushed it hard  because the forecast for the second half of the course looked a bit flakey.
We did have a calm morning to go and swim with dolphins but then …

Well that’s what I love about Mauritius – when you have sun and an imposing mountain (Le Morne), forecasts are sometimes irrelevant.
As the air warmed, the mountain worked its magic and the predicted light south eateries were boosted up to 20 knots every day.
And then there were the waves.
Le area around the Le Morne lagoon is a veritable wave fun park with reefs to suit most levels.
On a few days at mid tide, easy waves broke 50m off the beach, giving those who might not have ventured to the outer break, a chance to challenge this most exciting branch of the sport.

I’m trying to think of something bad to say to restore balance and stop this sounding like a brochure – but I’m struggling.
We stayed in the Riu Le Morne Hotel where the food was spectacular and plentiful. I’m not a fan of all inclusive resorts normally but this doesn’t feel like one – and having cocktails on tap is dangerous but glorious.

Club Ion
It goes from strength to strength – they’ve got a great range of kit – most of the North rigs were new and they had the latest range of Fanatic wave and fsw designs – plenty for all. Although you booked a certain model everyone could swap at will.
My one disappointment – and I’m being serious here – is that the darn wind meant we only had once SUP surfing session on Little Reef.
Ion carry a full range of SUPs, and the Little Reef waves are dreamy.

Check out the highlights

It’s 48 weeks away – but just to say that I will be returning to Mauritius in Nov 2018
Dates and details to be released very soon.
If you want to put your name on a place, contact Sportif  01273 844919   or me on

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