OTC Portland 13th August 2018


13 August 2018

About This Project

The OTC (Official Test Centre) lies within the National Sailing Centre right on the shores of iconic Portland Harbour, the scene of the 2012 sailing Olympics and the Weymouth Speed Trials.

In the prevailing wind directions the wind is clear and the water shallow and flat = gorgeous.
As a place to work on everything ‘non wavy’ but especially waterstarts, early planing, getting into straps, speed, moves of all kind and especially especially the carve gybe, it doesn’t get any better.

The clinic
What?  It’s a general skills course
Suggested standard.  if you can plane in the harness, you’re good enough
Kit: Bring your own. But if you want to hire kit from the vast selection at the OTC, you can for a reduced price of £50 for the day.
To book: contact  TRIS BEST on: 07764 501663 / 07817 717904 or email tris@otc-windsurf.co.uk

The course is scheduled for a Monday so we can enjoy uncrowded waters and make a long weekend of it.
It also allows you to extend your weekend and enjoy a 3 day break on this fabulous stretch of coast

The OTC, as the name suggests, has for hire and demo models from all the major brands.
You won’t get a better chance to experiment with designs and set-ups.

The course is limited to seven sailors so it’s all about personal attention. I help you set your own agenda and we work through it together.