The Rhodes Experience 2016


The Rhodes Experience 2016

RHODES  June 2016
The impressive thing about my clinic in Ialysos this year is that we planed on 5 out of 6 days at a time when the rest of Greece was in the grip of a weird weather system which cut the wind off in many of the traditionally breezy places like Vass. The co-owner of the ProCentre in Rhodes, Jurgen, says he never gives up on the wind. Ialysos bay gets its own sea breeze which so often kicks in even when the forecasters are predicting a calm.
The week coincided with the group stages of Euro 16 footy. The place attracts an international rivalry so there was much good natured in the sports bars which continued on the water – happily we weren’t there to see the calamity again Iceland!.

That 70% of the Rhodes team were repeaters says a lot about the place (and hopefully the clinic!). The kit is amazing. This year a lot of the Fanatic, Tabou and North kit was straight out of the packet.
I tried to persuade people out of blasting mode and err towards the softer, lighter, more manoeuvre oriented Volts – and go for the freestyle waves rather than the speedy, big-finned free ride Geckos.

With the wind on a couple of days teetering around the 15 knot mark, we had the perfect opportunity to work on early planing skills. The best way to improve gybing and windsurfing in general is to be able to get going on smaller kit – so I gave the team a goal of dropping 10 litres and o.5 sq m sail but the end of the week – most made it.

All in all another great week. It was my 5th clinic to Ialysos and we’ve never had less than 90% planing wind – with great local tavernas offering ridiculously cheap local goodies, it’s always a hit and I’ll be back at the same times in 2017.


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