Tobago ReportMarch 2017


Tobago ReportMarch 2017

This is quite a stat…
So far I’ve done 2 clinics in Tobago and have yet to suffer a windless day.

7 out of 7 in 2016
7  out of 7 in 2017 – and for those who stayed on after the clinic for a bit of extra practice, it was 14 out of 14.
To be honest I wouldn’t have minded a light wind day.
There’s some great SUPing and surfing to be had on the reefs – and we could have done with a bit of off-the-plane twiddling – but we weren’t complaining.
However, I am into truthful reports and it did rain more than usual for the time of year. But it was warm rain and it saved us a fortune on the sunblock.

Tobago is rapidly becoming my favourite intermediate training ground. As a place to compare it with, you think of Vass. We love Vass but if you have to be critical, it does get pretty busy on the water, and the wind is tad gusty inshore.
In Tobago there is only one centre and the lagoon is vast.
We were the only group on the water.
You get a tide which alters the water state from dead flat to bump and jump. And the wind also varies from north to east, so you get to sail different parts of the lagoon and it keeps you on your toes.

On day one the waist deep water gave us a chance to improve waterstarts. Dodgy waterstarts are a failing people are often shy to admit to – but if you can knock 10 seconds off your rig recovery you’ll save energy and loads of ground downwind.
And then, my, how well the carve gybes and general sailing came on – as it is bound to do with warm water and relentless wind.

Radical Sports did a good job for us. It’s a cool set up and the chill out ‘liming’ area is just the best place to finish the day watching the sun plummet with a Carib beer in hand.

We used two hotels  – a few stayed in the wonderfully basic Conrado right on the beach; but the majority favoured the more luxurious Shepherd’s Inn 5 mins from Pigeon Point – so friendly and great food as well.

Of course I’ll be returning to Tobago in 2018 – dates to be released on this website.

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