Tobago Report

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Tobago Report

I believe sincerely in honest, balanced reports from these clinics, lest I should lure anyone away on false pretences. It must be especially nauseating for people to read every time that everything was ‘brilliant’ and ‘perfect!’

However, I’m really struggling to find one bad thing to say about my recent Tobago clinic.
7 out of 7 days of proper planing wind is not to be sniffed at (and a further 7 for those who stayed on)
The Shepherds Inn was uber friendly – relaxed, great breakfast, comfortable rooms.
And as for the ‘Radical Sports’ centre – there was a surfeit of up to date boards and rigs (mostly Fantatic and Pryde) and excellent service.
It’s the people who ultimately make the week and the class of 2016 were excellent on and off the water.

I hadn’t been to the island in a decade or more but Pigeon Point where the centre and main windsurfing area are, has become a national heritage site, so there has been no unsightly development.
The lagoon remains vast, flat and blue and has to be one of the best places ever to coach and practice the planing moves.
It’s true of any sport that no progress can be made until the psychological demons have been tamed. In the Pigeon Point lagoon, everyone immediately felt secure. Being able to stand almost everywhere, it made people bold about trying smaller kit – and about bearing away and getting up to speed.

It was also pleasing to see the smiles of the non-windsurfing partners who found the place interesting, relaxing and completely non-threatening.

I shall definitely be making a return in 2017. Dates tbc but it will be Feb/March

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