Some of the best clinic moments, captured on video

Vassiliki June-July 2015

Three minutes of action from the recent PH course in Vass

Jericoacoara  January 2017

When you get side shore wind and waves every day, what can you say?

Tobago 2017

This year gave us another week of 100% wind in the free-ride paradise of Tobago

Rhodes 18-24 June 2015

We were truly blessed by the wind Gods in Rhodes this year

Vassiliki 2017

Vass ticks more windsurfing boxes than there are boxes to tick

Mauritius Nov 2017

9 out of 10 days wind, wall to wall waves  and sunshine made this later trip the Indian Island Jewel extra special

Kerry May 2015

Two weeks of clinics in 3 minutes – such a fabulous breadth of conditions

Donegal big Tuesday 2015

A very special Masterclass day in 2015

Donegal 2017

2017 was another year of endless glorious variety in Donegal – here’s 3 wells in 5 minutes