BRAZIL – Jericoacoara.

Waves and general skills

Nestling on Brazil’s equatorial north coast, ‘Jeri’ is windsurfing paradise. It is the most reliably windy place I have ever windsurfed. On top of that the sailing area with its friendly waves and flat water, appeals to all levels but especially those looking to get into and improve their wave sailing.
Having said that, the water inshore between the waves is flatter than flat so it’s also a great spot to work on gybes and the like.

SAFAGA – Red Sea.

General skills

The Red Sea is an improving free-rider’s mecca. Tide-less with no rig munching shorebreaks, it’s like a huge benign pond – but a pond that boasts over 250 days a year of winds over force 4.

KERRY – SW Ireland


Having hosted PWA world wave champs for 3 years in the early ‘noughties,’ the Dingle peninsula has been long established as a world class wave- sailing venue. But it’s not all hardcore. There are sheltered free-ride bays and a choice of launch spot to delight pro and novice wave-sailor alike. And as for the scenery …


General skills

Ialysos in the north of Rhodes is both an excellent windsurfing spot AND holiday destination. The hotel lies right on the beach within easy reach of local shops and bars
. And the town of Rhodes is just 15 minutes away.


General skills

Vass, is the original dedicated windsurfing, summer free-ride mecca, made famous by its strong afternoon thermal wind (strangely named ‘Eric’) that shoots down the hill. We base ourselves at the boutique Cosmos Hotel, which is flawless. A PH Masterclass clinic merges with a Neilson holiday to produce a very special experience.!

DONEGAL – NW Ireland

Wave sailing & general skills

The fact that I’ve run clinics here since 1990 and never missed a year tells it’s own story. For me Donegal is the most special place in the world. The beaches are jaw-droppingly amazing; the waves are world class and yet there are flat-water lagoons and bays to delight all levels of rider. And the welcome is as genuine and authentic as the black beer! The fact that I run 3 back to back courses is testament to its popularity.


Wave sailing

Tiree is known as the UK’s ‘Little Hawaii.’ Since the 80s it has been the venue of the British Wave Championships and its continuing popularity surely has something to do with it being officially the windiest (and sunniest) place in Britain – and on account of it having 9 white sand beaches all facing different directions to catch whatever wind and swell is available. What an obvious place to hold a wave clinic …


General skills and wave sailing

With it’s extraordinary waist deep lagoon, outer reefs throwing up waves of various sizes AND a classy 4 star, low rise hotel on the beach, Mauritius has to be the favourite to win ‘Best all round windsurfing spot in the World’ award!


General skills

Throughout the year I run one and two day courses in the UK at my home spot of West Wittering on the west Sussex coast. WW is something of a jewel. It’s an unspoiled oasis with a fabulous training lagoon.


General skills

The friendly 15-20 trades blowing over a massive, flat water lagoon make Tobago improver’s heaven. Add to that a Caribbean island so beautiful and relaxed you feel you’re in a Bacardi advert.