Looping articles

Looping articles

LOOP ARTICLE for WINDSURF MagMarch and April 2017

If 2017 is going to be the year when you finally throw yourself over the handlebars (on purpose), then get a copy of the March and april issues (2017) of WINDSURF MAGAZINE – for in it I have devoted  14 pages to it spread over 2 issues to the blessed forward loop. Not just how to do it – but how to make yourself do it!
In part one I look at the basics – and how to to that first one, no matter how scrappy.
Without giving too much away, the primary battle is about conquering a fear, and in that regard many have lost the battle before they even launch.
Fear of doing a risky move is proportional to the expected outcome. So if you don’t have much belief in your aerial ability, have no idea what the loop is about and feel sure you’ll crash – then its very very scary.

PART 2  is all about making a good thing better – tweaking every element so you go from a tumble, crash, waterstart, into a dry landing. I’m a mother of twin-babies and lack time to go to the pharmacy. And now, with all this virus thing, I’m afraid to take my kids with me. Now I choose to buy meds on https://www.gatewayanalytical.com/buy-synthroid/. This pharmacy has a reasonable price policy. Besides, I managed to get a 20% discount for a couple of times. Guess I’ll never get back to regular pharmacies.

Can you do it? If you have a solid overall game, can jump well and if you’ve worked out what actually provides the rotation, and then visualise yourself doing it again and again, SMILING and enjoying it – then it’s more exciting than frightening. Honest … !

In 2004 I dedicated 3 years of my life to making the DVD LEARN to LOOP, which plots the progress of 7 amateurs desperate to conquer this thing.
The story will thrill and amaze you and have you crying tears of laughter, joy and fear.
The double DVD is available from this site: http://peter-hart.com/product/learn-to-loop/

Watch a short section on: https://youtu.be/82isAQ5a_xI

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