OTC Weymouth 18-19 October ’21 general skills – 2 places


18-19 Oct '21

April, October
About This Project

It’s the windy time of year – autumnal but south coast waters are still tepid (ish)

I like these local 2 day courses as it gives us the freedom to make real progress.
Ideally I’d like a planing and non planing day in the knowledge that almost everyone learns more on the non planing day.
But the course will go ahead so long as the forecast is for 10 knots or more.


The OTC (Official Test Centre) lies within the National Sailing Centre right on the shores of iconic Portland Harbour, the scene of the 2012 sailing Olympics and the Weymouth Speed Trials.

In the prevailing wind directions the wind is clear and the water shallow and flat = gorgeous.
As a place to work on everything ‘non wavy’ but especially waterstarts, early planing, getting into straps, speed, moves of all kind and especially especially the carve gybe, it doesn’t get any better.
When: Monday Tuesday 18-19 October ’21
What: General skills – we work through your personal agenda.
Suggested standard: If you can plane in the harness, you’re in!
How Much?:  £220
Kit: Bring your own, or take the opportunity to rent some of the latest stuff from OTC’s impressive collection (they’re not called ‘Test Centre’ for nothing)
OTC give us free use of light wind boards.
Booking: via me on: harty@peter-hart.com