OTC Portland 11-12 July ’22 (3 places)


20-21 Oct '21

About This Project

Weymouth Bay in Midsummer… A few places are more appealing to the improving windsurfer.
When the Sun shines, the water is Caribbean blue and you don’t have to fly to get there!

As a place to work on everything ‘non wavy’ but especially waterstarts, early planing, getting into straps, speed, moves of all kind and especially especially the carve gybe, it doesn’t get any better.
When: Monday/Tuesday 11-12 July ’22
What: General skills – we work through your personal agenda.
Suggested standard: If you can plane in the harness, you’re in!
How Much?:  £230 for both days
Kit: Bring your own, or take the opportunity to rent some of the latest stuff from OTC’s impressive collection (they’re not called ‘Test Centre’ for nothing)
OTC give us free use of light wind boards. 
Booking: via me on: harty@peter-hart.com