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Hugely entertaining entry level tutorial.



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It’s the best selling windsurfing beginner tutorial of all time.

It was the official ‘how to windsurf’ program as sanctioned by the RYA.

Although made in the last Millennium, this program is still totally relevant.

It’s unbelievably comprehensive and covers everything you need to know to take you from compete beginner to planing in the footsteps using the harness.
There are sections on:.
Kit tuning
The basics of stance, getting going and steering.
Basic tacks and gybes and sailing on all points.
In the next section we look at:
speeding up tacks and gybes.
Setting up and using there harness.
Fitting and using the footstraps.
Strong wind stance

The world’s most famous coach Peter Hart, along with instructors Ben Bromman and Sally Simmonds, explains every topic with clarity and humour.

It was made in the 90s when shorts were shorter hence the reduced price of £10. But it is still very current and  and lasting over 90 mins, it’s incredible value.
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