Turn for the Better


It’s made in the last Millennium but you won’t find a more comprehensive and detailed guide to the planing fundamentals.


It’s the best selling windsurfing tutorial of all time.

It was made in 1996 but this program is still totally current (apart from the length of the shorts!)

It’s unbelievably comprehensive and covers everything you need to know to take you from basic intermediate to planing hero.
Kit tuning
Early planing and getting in the straps
Speed up and downwind
Beach and water starting
The carve gybe
Plus a host of trickier moves such as fast tacking, the duck gybe, 360, planing tack, help tack and jumping.

The world’s most famous coach Peter Hart attacks the task with clarity, logic and a lot of humour.
It’s endlessly entertaining – and  the show is stolen by the infamous ‘Nobby’ who highlights the common mistakes with Chaplin-esque violence.

At a reduced price of £10 and lasting over 2 hours, it’s incredible value.
Available as a digital download only

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