Skiing Skills – Mastering Moguls


It’s a lucid, logical step by step guide to skiing’s most demanding discipline.

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Bumps, moguls, ‘damn lumps in the middle of the piste’, call them what you like , you can’t avoid them if you want to ski the whole mountain. And why do so many skiers fail to embrace them like a long lost friend? Because bumps find them out, that’s why. In bumps there’s nowhere to hide. All elements of your game are tested -not least your fitness. If it were easy, they’d all be doing it.

So it is that when you see someone ski the bumps with style and controlled aggression, they immediately win your approval. But how do you get to that heady standard with only the odd week to practise? There’s no magic balm but Mastering Moguls is the next best thing.

Former Olympian, BASI head honcho and sublime performer, Sean Langmuir, abetted by elite coach Peter Hart, provide a lucid step by step program that makes it all look both approachable and achievable. They cover the techniques, the tactics (where do you turn on them?) and tackle the psychological issues. The DVD also contains a host of extras including a section of specialist fitness training and reams of useful tips c/o the Ski Club of Great Britain

Filmed across the Alps by award winning Acrobat TV, Mastering Moguls is humorous, informative, visually spectacular and may well save you a knee replacement!

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