SKIING SKILLS off piste and free-ride


In eight different sections it leads you through the whole skiing experience – pre-ski exercises, equipment and of course the progression from basic turns right through to carving and handling steeper slopes. On top of that there’s a list of extras including a top tips section and interviews on the psychology involved in overcoming fear; and the thinking behind modern ski methods.


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It’s the ultimate, the cream. It’s what racers do on their days off. Off piste, free-ride, call it what you will, is unquestionably the best fun you can have on skis.
And, joy upon joy, modern kit has brought this avenue of the sport, once strictly a ‘pros only zone,’ within the grasp of anyone who can link parallel turns and has a little fire in their belly.
Off piste and free-ride , the 4th episode in the critically acclaimed SKIING SKILL SERIES, describes exactly what’s involved. In over 1½ hours of material, the established team of presenter Peter Hart, training guru Sean Langmuir and former GB team racer Amanda Pirie break down the skills and techniques but equally importantly address all the psychological, tactical, physical and environmental issues of off piste skiing.
The DVD contains a heap of ‘extras.’ They call on the services of top guide Jim Kerr, an expert on mountain safety, and equipment connoisseur Eric Davies of Salomon. They have a chat with GB’s most successful competitor Alain Baxter, while Al Morgan and Carrie Hainge from the omniscient Ski Club of Great Britain, offer mountains of advice on …everything!
Filmed in Chamonix, Europe’s off piste capital, using the latest broadcast and point of view cameras, this program is lucid, informative and visually breathtaking.

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