Harty’s technique features in WINDSURF magazine, the world’s biggest English speaking publication, are world renowned. Enjoy some of his recent offerings.

Feeling the Pressure

Are you leaning  and pressing in the right places? Are you comfortable? Do you know what ‘comfortable’ feels like? Harty analyses the common set-up woes.

Happy Endings

In a piece that will surely talk to the vast majority of  ‘nearly’ gybers, Peter Hart, tells you what to alter in order to nail that speedy exit.

Tooling up for the Swell

The only thing more daunting than confronting a meaty swell for the first time, is trying to choose kit for the job. Harty clarifies the options.


How many? What gap between sizes? Cams or no cams? These are just some of the questions facing you as you assess the rig market. Peter Hart helps you amass the bespoke quiver.

The Power and the Glory

It’s the gybing issue, which most commonly trips up beginner, improver and expert – power control.

Hook, line and sinker!

Do you have issues with your harness, the design, the set-up and the technique? Even if you think you don’t, it could probably be better, Harty tells us how.

The Joys of Crossing Over

The development and continual improvement of the freestyle wave board is surely one of windsurfing’s greatest success stories. Peter Hart tells you how to tweak technique and set-up to exploit the wide range of possibilities.

The Uphill Battle

Whatever your level, the ability to cruise nonchalantly upwind should be at the top of your ‘to master’ list. Peter Hart has tips, techniques and strategies for all occasions.

Strong Wind Techniques

With winter storms being the main thread in this issue, it’s only fitting that Peter Hart should fall in line and examine the technical challenges of sailing in strong winds.